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This is my entry for GamesPlusJam #2.

You play as a grumpy cube who doesn't want to make friends. Protect yourself from the happy colorful cubes. Use your friend repellent shield to push people out of your personal space. You have 15 seconds per round to knock back as many as possible. A friend is completely removed if they hit another friend/wall/obstacle while being knocked back. Every round the friend spawn rate will increase but you will be buffed with a random benefit.

Keep an eye on your tolerance, located at the top of the screen.


Keyboard & Mouse

Space - Jump

A/D - Left/Right

Left Arrow - Expand Shield

Xbox Controller

A - Jump

Joystick - Left/Right

X - Expand Shield

tip: You can throw yourself higher in the air if you knock back enemies below you.

Install instructions

Just unzip and play


Leave Me Alone.zip 1 MB

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