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Fathom is an old game I made for an RPG Maker contest back in 2014 when I primarily used RPG Maker VX Ace. The rules were to make an RPG in a month that could be played in 5 minutes.

How I approached this was I made a simple RPG that could be completed in 5 minutes if all you did was follow a path, but if you decided to stray you would delve into more of the story, gain party members and defeat more than just a few bosses.

The game was horrid! The combat was horrifically unforgiving, items were way too expensive, one character had an ability so overpowered that once he had his ultimate weapon most enemies that weren't bosses would be one-shot, the story wasn't paced correctly, and if you were really exploratory you'd encounter story events out of order.

The game was awful but I loved it a lot. It was my first fully feature complete game, and now since I've decided to take a stab at it again but at a different angle, I've uploaded the game here.

The game is stuck in 800x600 sorry :(


Creator - Joshua "Lurkin" McClerkin

Assistance - Raymond "Lulzy" Stewart

Voice Acting - Edward Vapid

Some Music - Kevin Macleod

Engine - RPG Maker VX Ace

Install instructions

The .exe file will extract the game to a folder of your choice.


fathom.exe 274 MB

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